True to the Game 2

True to the Game 2 is not your ordinary Hollywood crappy movie, it carries really deep message. Definitive sample of 5/5 movie. The storyline is carefully and smartly written, the characters development is very good written too. True to the Game 2 has it all, brilliant acting, nice performance and well written plot. The directing by Jamal Hill is always superb. The acting is really gorgeous, bringed to life characters that are rich in details and complex. For real, it's very entertaining production. I'm certain that True to the Game 2 will continue to live for centuries. You can download or watch in hd True to the Game 2 here on

Storyline of True to the Game 2

After her friends death, a NYC journalist becomes the target of a criminal looking to collect on a debt.

Duration: 94 min

Quality: HD 720

Release: 2020

IMDb: 8.2